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Combining Computer Vision with Human vision

August 1, 2006

Researchers at Columbia University are combining the processing power of the human brain with computer vision to develop a novel device that will allow people to search through images ten times faster than they can on their own.
The system harnesses the brain’s wel known ability to recognize an image much faster than the person can identify it.

Here is the link

PS :: As someone ,whose toughest question at job interviews was “why did you take Computer Vision ” and / or “why did you not follow it up with other related subjects ?” and / or “What IS computer Vision” , will tell you ( and as will I ) .. Computer Vision @ IIIT places you amongst the non-bald eggheads of the class , if not the entire computer savvy community.
With my limited knowledge / understanding / accumen of the matter, I found the link above very very interesting. Probably the non-bald eggheads would explain it a lot better (better .. ehh .. actually .. they are the ones who would explain it .. I am too lazy and ill-informed and bored to write anything else about it).


You were’nt alone …

April 4, 2006

If you truly believe in the power of internet and believe that it can make things happen, then it's time for you to forget your embarressement and laugh with people who had to go through the same as you on the First of this month .. and to help this noble cause .. Wikipedia has an article on the popular websites/news-items that tried to play with human emotions on the first of April this year.

And if you do not believe in the power of the internet .. well .. Get a LIFE !! 🙂

quote for the day -> "Always program as if the person who will be maintaining your program is a violent psychopath that knows where you live."

myths and facts of s/w patents

April 3, 2006

In his new post on software patents Paul Graham seems to validates patents saying

"Hockey allows checking. It's part of the game. If your team refuses to do it, you simply lose. So it is in business. Under the present rules, patents are part of the game."

He mentions the following benefit of patents

"Before patents, people protected ideas by keeping them secret. If secrecy were the only protection for ideas, companies wouldn't just have to be secretive with other companies; they'd have to be secretive internally. This would encourage what is already the worst trait of big companies." "Businesses would become more secretive to compensate, and in some fields this might get ugly."

But he also (mainly in starup domain) says that Software Patents doesn't matter much because

"software is so complicated that patents by themselves are not worth very much"

"startups rarely attack big companies head-on"

"Good hackers care a lot about matters of principle, and they are highly mobile. If a company starts misbehaving, smart people won't work there."

and advise startups to ignore patent infringements

"Most innovation in the software business happens in startups, and startups should simply ignore other companies' patents. At least, that's what we advise, and we bet money on that advice."

and also advise them to apply for patents either for defense or for mating dance with acquirers

"We do advise the companies we fund to apply for patents, but not so they can sue competitors. Successful startups either get bought or grow into big companies. If a startup wants to grow into a big company, they should apply for patents to build up the patent portfolio they'll need to maintain an armed truce with other big companies. If they want to get bought, they should apply for patents because patents are part of the mating dance with acquirers."

His this way of establishing tautology is quite interesting

"when you're saying something that Richard Stallman and Bill Gates would both agree with, you must be perilously close to tautologies."

But I was brought up in the open/free (source) world with the 'myth' that patents are evil. The bible strongly said that.

"Software patents are the software project equivalent of land mines: each design decision carries a risk of stepping on a patent, which can destroy your project." [link]

PG and RMS both are gurus, but i somehow feel convinced with PG's views. I just assume that these are views of a practical and an extremist gurus. I cannot compare these views as they are made on different planes.

treo killer

March 29, 2006


coming soon

Seems closer…

March 29, 2006

Seems an answer to the energy dilemma might be closer if the business instincts of biggies like Vinod Khosla, Richard Branson and Bill Gates are to be believed!