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Bangalore vs Bengaluru

March 29, 2006

CNN IBN's Mr. Venkatesh gives a biased view on the debate on Kannada vs the rest movement going on in the so called "silicon valley" of India which is considered as a second cosmopolitan city after New Delhi.  

The views seem to be biased. Plus this article is just for the sake of writing one without the true facts. in my opinion the major fight in bangalore is to retain the kannada identity, otherwise it makes no point of throwing black paints on shops without a name in kannada. The government and the people should make things clear before taking any steps or forming opinions. Either make it a cosmopolitan city or be only kannadish.

Even we cant speak native languages in corporate coz you try to communicate in an easily understandable language so that none of your colleagues feel left behind. Just imagine what will happen to Mr. H R Venkatesh if he goes to punjab and his subordinates around him speak in punjabi and address him 'khote da puttar' 😉 You would obviously expect ppl in a software development center in Chandigarh to use english while communicating in the office. Wont you Mr. Venkatesh?

I dont think there will be any issues regarding Hindi vs English .. I am one of the indians who hail from the north of the vindhyas and dont have any problem while communicating in english with all my colleagues and i speak hindi in fair amount while i am with my hindi speaking friends.

Its not a question about any language vs the another its just about speaking your language with the people who understand it. You can very well speak your native toungue if you dont feel embarresed, but the real question is why should one feel embarresed? As Mr. Venkatesh felt a 'slight sense of embarrassment' which resulted in an immediate switch to English. Why?

I dont feel so coz i dont think communicating in hindi in PVR(Hyderabad central) will make me inferior to the ticket counter guy replying back in English, you can find desi people speaking in Hindi/Gujrati/Punjabi even if you go to US/UK  havent you ever been to New york or London or Toronto?

I cant say much about the Tamilian vs Kannadiga issue but we can surely solve some issues very easily if its English vs Kannada or Hindi vs Kannada, but is this what the so called 'tech savvy' Kannadiga people want.

  • 1. Dont invite more BPO's, software giants, multinationals or small startups from US to start their operations in Bangalore and ask the biggies of the ones already in the city to take their centers to more open mided cities.
  • 2. Dont invite more foreign companies and foriegners.
  • 3. Dont let non-kannada people settle in bangalore.
  • 4. Dont sell non-kannada food so that outsiders cant stay in the city for a long.
  • 5. Ban all non-kannada print media
  • 6. Start doing all work in kannada be it the government or the corporates.

This way all the corporates and non-kannada people will be forced to leave the city within months if they dont want to go in loss making all their employees learn kannada and shifting all their infrastucture(software/hardware) to kannada.

But now a very genuine point arises, After all the software/hardware/any corporate companies gone, all the non-kannada speaking junta gone and more than 70% of the business gone, What will all the leftover kannada people do in bengaluru? 

Think …   

And please dont give it a CNN IBN touch, it just spoils the brand name 🙂