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Pop Pop

April 6, 2006

Once upon a time,some bigshot in the railways had a kid in 9th grade. This kid was kind of interested in that thing called the internet and used to spend his time making those things called web pages.

The bigshot wanted to encourage his son and called one of the chela's who are never too far away from bigshots and said to him

"Give my kid some web page to work on during his summer holidays"

The chela more than eager to please his boss found just the perfect summer project for a 9th grader. The result is what we refer to these days as .

That little story is the only logical excuse I can come up with for that pathetic piece of webspace that millions of us visit each day. I honestly cannot think of another web page that attracts so many users inspite of being one of the worst designed and developed web spaces.

The UI is as  ugly as a starving crow(its a Sidhuism). The popups on the page start right from the time you connect( offers to sell me something in the first pop up and ICICI bank tempts me with a loan) .

Each click (if you are lucky enough to find what you want) opens 3 more popups.If I make the mistake of trying to find out availability status,I am informed that Bharat Matrimony has created a world record for online match making,Citi financials tries to match ICICI banks loan offer and sulekha classified says its a site for everything.

Its ok if you forget what you went to the site for in the first place.

I went online today to find out ticket availability for trains from Hyd to Vizag and by the time I found out that there were no tickets available,I had about 39 pop up's open and each explorer a tiny dot on my task bar.

For an organisation like the railways that has its own separate budget,I really do not see the point of trying to squeeze out the last penny by bombarding users with ad's.

 And I do not understand the logic that prompts companies to advertise in such a crude manner.Pop up's were supposed to be ancient or so I heard.It would be really interesting to see how many users actually click on those links instead of getting what they came for.

Then there's the online booking portal that is india's largest travel site.(No really it is). Out of  1024*768 pixels on my screen,the actual login portion on this page takes up all of about 100*200 pixels. The rest for all kinds of flashy gaudy ad's.

Have a look at the screenshot below.Why would I click on one banks ad instead of the other I really do not know.

Really Dumb

Is it our Sarkaars that is dumb or is the private co's who are the dodos?