reservations: photo feature


Our would be kids …


Wow ! What a solution

Seriously, why is this not a subject for Hindi Movies? Do they also benefit only from OBC's?
i have wild card

P.S – pls send more of this kinda stuff or any story at and get heard.


6 Responses to “reservations: photo feature”

  1. DesiPundit » Reservations: photo feature Says:

    […] Star Dot Star is compiling a series of cartoons and caricatures on the reservations issue and is inviting suggestions and contributions [hat tip: Sanyam]. […]

  2. unknown Says:

    Reservations are legislative response to historical social injustices. We can scrap reservations when 80% of marriages in India are inter-caste or inter-religion

  3. Unknown Says:

    Your protest is against reservation and not against OBCs. So please stop denigrating the OBC. Swear against the politicians and not against OBCs, that will make your protest more forceful.

    And say “reservation doctors” and not OBC doctors. This just shows your arrogance nothing else.

  4. vissu Says:

    way of expressing your idea is very good,country would be developed more if there will not be any reservations,thank you

  5. sunny Says:

    Reservations are becoming sin for many people,people who are having talents are unable to come up in life due to these resevations,i support your ideas,the drawbacks of these reservations should be known to everybody,to bring awareness in people your website is helping a lot,thank you for your website,
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  6. Swapna Krishnan Says:

    Good ones… šŸ™‚

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