Summer Carnival @ Central


You go window shopping and u get to c a fashion show. Wow!

As part of the summer carnival on the 22nd April Hyderabad Central had a good fashion show displaying their summer collections. What shoppers had for FREE were gr8 and gorgeous models from Bangalore, Hip trance music and foot thumping desi mixes, Cool clothes and accessories from summer collection's of Lee, Provogue, Akriti, Weekender, FastTrack and more. And some not-so-cool-folks who came just for shopping had their time with empty trials rooms.

Show started at around 6:30 and went on till 8:30. Special seats were arranged only for women and the entire first floor was booked for them .. while men were left standing on the galleries of upper floors looking down. 😦

As part of the carnival on this coming saturday (29th April) they have "Battle of Bands" and "Kids Gaming Competition" on the next. Letz wait n see if Centrals reason for pulling in more ppl will be successful or not.

more pics…

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