Google Calendar *.*’s Wishlist


Google Calendar has worked for me. I was not a Gmail user, but Google calender has forced me to shift to Gmail. The following are a few of my wishes of features in Google Calendar. (But i know Google people dont listen to me. Like in 'Mark All Read' feature of Google Reader. )

* Configurable duration of the day (eg. show only 7am to 10pm). This will fit the full calendar in my screen (no scrolling needed.)

* A public/shared view of the calendar. Will help me publish my busy/non busy hours.

* Previous 2 days and next 4 days view [ numbers should be configurable ]

* Integrate with Gmail/GTalk/GToolbar more closely

– from calendar give links to associated mail

– from gmail show calendar agenda in sidebar

* To-Do lists

* Set to-date equal to from-date by default if not available (eg. while adding event from mail)

* New entry / edit event details should also be popup ( like the event info popup )

* Multiple days (but not full day) event should be shown like single day event streteched across multiple days. (The current way of showing it in full day events is stupid.)

* Upload a file associated with an event

* Cell phone notification service in india and should be synced with a cell phones calendar 🙂 (like Active Sync in Outlook)

* Should avoid being classified as "web based email" in websense!

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3 Responses to “Google Calendar *.*’s Wishlist”

  1. limitless range Says:

    Don’t forget Google Desktop Integration and the ability to view offline and the ability to add events that will be added to the online calendar once connected, all through Desktop!
    I want to be able to ditch Outlook completely, but I am in too many meetings with no wifi access.

  2. LastHope Says:

    if you want to sync both ways between Outlook and Google Calendar…try RemoteCalendars plugin for Outlook 2003!
    And take a look on how to do it 😉

  3. Peter Smith Says:

    This article addressed that very important information. Thanks. Please visit my 2010 calendars site for return 🙂

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