NY Times redesigns


www.nytimes.com the online version of the respected New York Times has undergone a total redesign.

Newsbuff's amongst us who prefer to get their news online would surely appreciate the new design that features many small and large changes.

The first thing I noticed about the site is that its very pleasing to the eye.The new page is much wider than the older one and would no doubt look great on widescreen monitors that are becoming popular these days.

The other thing I noticed about the new site is that its bloody fast. Clicking on the video link got the video playing(after the customary 'short' ad ) in 3 seconds flat. Moving from one section to another or one article to another is also quick.

To utilise the site fully,a tabbed browser like opera or firefox is strongly recommended.

Its easy to see the influence of blogs on the pages.In addition to the Most Popular selection that was there earlier,there is now a most blogged tab.

Ad's are present but do not interrupt the reading experience too much.

There's also a MyTimes tab -that wasnt working when I tried- where I can personalise what I want to read.

Didnt get enough time to go through the RSS capabilities of the new site but I hope they will be as good as the rest of the page.

I liked the earlier nytimes.com and love the new one.The only thing lacking in it is to be able to roll it up and take it into the loo.


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