Barcamp Hyderabad & Web 2.0


2,665,738 results for the term "Web 2.0" by msn search.

236,633 blogs mentions Web 2.0 according to google.

a conference in November 06 where all biggies of WorldWideWeb seem to be taking part.

an entry on wikipedia

someguy posted his ideas in the form of an article which seemed much more like a book with around 10K words. Hoof … later i came to know that this guy is supposed to be a publisher and that too "The best publisher of computer books".

king of software hosts a 72 hour conference and talks about it with the king of computer books.

Paul Graham who helped me completing my FYP talks a lot about it.

manikchand semoz organized awards for the leaders (not on TV idiot and no performance by priyanka chopra :p) and the designers seem to be having a time with it.

king calls it Atlas, one which has nothing to with maps nor it shrugs. πŸ˜‰

camp (for which, on invited upon i replied "No Thank you, Only on occasions") is organized at a place, where i learnt the ABC of computers and now when i am going to participate, i just have one basic question.

What is Web 2.0?

so much is happening around me and i know equally less about it. 

probably its time for me to ask for some help from one of co-workers who recently had a brainwave and came to know about a new born technology AJAX and has been giving fundaes to a couple of my diaper-friends.

and after all the research for writing this post i now come on to a conclusion that its just about a new kind (version) of web interfaces which interact with the users in a little different way.

All the Hoopla around is just about making the web intelligent and to differentiate the older web interfaces with the new range and someone coined a name Web 2.0 for them. And people even say thats its a new platform and some even say its just about data and hence google will eventually rule this domain

Disclaimer: These are just my personal opinions and are neither totally correct nor wrong. There can be many different and contradicting opinions.

I personally feel that roles of web designers and developers will converge, the design will depend a lot on the system architecture and the system architecture will depend a lot on the way the users will interact. Basic thing which is common in most of the interfaces today which are considered Web 2.0 compliant is "customizability". or google's personalized homepage is a perfect example. Some also mention Wiki's and blogs into that category but i sincerely not.

Blogs, Wiki, link sharing portals and social networking sites are basically (or acidic-ally) just a form of content management servers, they are like email portals in where you can share your mails. That's it! You can call CMS as Web 2.0 as they marked a transition between static web-pages and Web 2.0.

Web 2.0 is more than just CMS, you just don't store some static data and get it back or share it with someone else. You can configure it such that it displays some non-static data according to your needs and RSS plays a very big role in achieving this.

as Haacked mentions

The foundations are quite simple. Web 2.0 is about:

  • User created content.
  • Using AJAX to make websites UI responsive
  • Providing simple Open APIs.
  • Harnessing collective intelligence
  • And so on…

If we compare all the web systems then we can easily categorize as …





Web 1.0    

static pages interfaces, basic html,  

any static web page where content and design used to be defined by the webmaster.

Web 1.5

dynamic pages, user can modify content and share between other users. But still the content is static.

CMS, Discussion forums, Social netowkring sites, Link sharing portals, Blogs, Wiki.,,

Web 2.0

dynamic pages, content is not static, user can specify the kind/type of data displayed on his page.

personal home pages, content recommendation portals, RSS based.,,,,

There are word processing tools or on-line messengers which use AJAX technology and are termed as Web 2.0 systems or platforms but those are just pure interfaces and nothing intelligent about them. I will say that if there is a system which has messenger, word processing, file storing, link sharing, mail client, web publishing and media player all at one place and in a customized manner according to the user's preference, then that will definitely qualify the Web 2.0 certification.

some also terms anything which comes with a new UI and uses AJAX as Web 2.0, i question that, Web 2.0 is a super-set and a business logic whereas AJAX is just a technology. Probably some go by the definition that whatever is not old is new and the new is version++(2.0).

What i personally feel is a lack of clear understanding and a guideline which can define what qualifies as Web 2.0.

Hoof … Am i ready for the Barcamp now?

barcamphyderabad web 2.0 | digg this


mobile AJAX widgets

mobile web 2.0 AJAX for mobile devices

king avoids web 2.0 phrase at Mix

Ajaxamp 3.0 – AJAX web interface to winamp



3 Responses to “Barcamp Hyderabad & Web 2.0”

  1. mindwarrior Says:

    I dont think the hoopla about web2.0 is as much about technology as it is about the people.

    The whole hoopla is about the interactitiy and the connectivity that has helped create online communities/sub-communities. Its the rise of the network society on the net itself and the other subcultures that have come into mainstream that is adding to the excitement. Look at flicker, it is not just a photo storing site; its a photo-sharing site with the ability to comment and connect with real people.

    Ryze, OpenBC, Frienster, MySpace are redefining online ‘presence’.

    The technology is just an enabler here and which has already existed for quite long baring RoR maybe. Otherwise, what has come up here is not a technology upgrade but an application upgrade which is poised to change the way people react/connect over the network…

  2. mindwarrior Says:

    Oh and btw, you def are ready for barcamp. Be prepared to unlearn and relearn. πŸ™‚

  3. stardotstar Says:

    i guess you missed this

    “some also terms anything which comes with a new UI and uses AJAX as Web 2.0, i question that, Web 2.0 is a super-set and a business logic whereas AJAX is just a technology.”

    Anyways we do seem to have a common thought store on Web 2.0. πŸ™‚

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