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April 30, 2006

Sidhuism is witticism Sidhu is known for. I bet he can be the most popular commentator in India. Lets take a look at his witty analogies and his comments which coined a new word ‘Sidhuism’ and fetched a mention at wikipedia.

This entry has been moved to Sidhuism : Witticism by Navjot Singh Sidhu, keep pouring in your suggestions and the latest ones to keep this list ever growing. All hail Sidhuism πŸ™‚


Summer Carnival @ Central

April 25, 2006

You go window shopping and u get to c a fashion show. Wow!

As part of the summer carnival on the 22nd April Hyderabad Central had a good fashion show displaying their summer collections. What shoppers had for FREE were gr8 and gorgeous models from Bangalore, Hip trance music and foot thumping desi mixes, Cool clothes and accessories from summer collection's of Lee, Provogue, Akriti, Weekender, FastTrack and more. And some not-so-cool-folks who came just for shopping had their time with empty trials rooms.

Show started at around 6:30 and went on till 8:30. Special seats were arranged only for women and the entire first floor was booked for them .. while men were left standing on the galleries of upper floors looking down. 😦

As part of the carnival on this coming saturday (29th April) they have "Battle of Bands" and "Kids Gaming Competition" on the next. Letz wait n see if Centrals reason for pulling in more ppl will be successful or not.

more pics…

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Google Calendar *.*’s Wishlist

April 21, 2006

Google Calendar has worked for me. I was not a Gmail user, but Google calender has forced me to shift to Gmail. The following are a few of my wishes of features in Google Calendar. (But i know Google people dont listen to me. Like in 'Mark All Read' feature of Google Reader. )

* Configurable duration of the day (eg. show only 7am to 10pm). This will fit the full calendar in my screen (no scrolling needed.)

* A public/shared view of the calendar. Will help me publish my busy/non busy hours.

* Previous 2 days and next 4 days view [ numbers should be configurable ]

* Integrate with Gmail/GTalk/GToolbar more closely

– from calendar give links to associated mail

– from gmail show calendar agenda in sidebar

* To-Do lists

* Set to-date equal to from-date by default if not available (eg. while adding event from mail)

* New entry / edit event details should also be popup ( like the event info popup )

* Multiple days (but not full day) event should be shown like single day event streteched across multiple days. (The current way of showing it in full day events is stupid.)

* Upload a file associated with an event

* Cell phone notification service in india and should be synced with a cell phones calendar πŸ™‚ (like Active Sync in Outlook)

* Should avoid being classified as "web based email" in websense!

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*.links 1

April 19, 2006

Use Academic search launched by to search for journals and publications.

Another way to access websites. Use Hostname to IP address and get the ip address of the website then use IP address to decimal calculator to get a decimal equivalent and then visit the website in this fashion http://3477384427

Tips: Developing High Traffic Web to make it handle millions of hits.

Top 10 Best Designed Blogs, looks like we might have to work very hard to compete.

Make your web better and more attractive using Top 10 CSS tutorials

How can you save your installation by using Windows Xp's Rebuild command

Rumours say that Oracle is set to launch own version of linux

Have a look at the screen-shots of new Yahoo! homepage.

Wanna know who is ignoring you using yahoo stealth settings, here is a hack for you.

chk out Aishwarya Rai in her first Hollywood movie trailer The Last Legion.

Dhoomk2 on Dalip Singh aka Great Khali, the first real WWE wrestler from India. Gaurav also shares his views and achievements of a labourer from Punjab, then a policemen, a Mr. India and now a WWE wrestler.

and a must watch trailer of Titanic 2: The surface, superb job of editing. πŸ˜‰

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google calendar

April 13, 2006

google has released google calendar

with a rich features list –
– search support
– ‘quick add’ which i first saw in 30boxes and instantly liked it
– invitation handling.
calendar sharing looks useful. a group of people can edit same calendar.
gmail integration gives it the unmatched advantage. but it isnt as cool as one in zimbra.
event publishing looks cool too.
– draging,resizing(steps of half hour) of event
– the most important feature of google calendar is going to be Calendar Data API (coming soon…)

i am in search of a good calendar from years, and was never satisfied with anything availabe. i have tried almost every calendar available. all sucked big time including one from yahoo. recently released kiko and 30boxes are good, but couldnt make me a customer. i guessed google will acquire one soon. sad for them, google has come up with its own. hopefully google competitors will need one soon and they might get lucky.

i used php icalendar so far. hope google calendar will change something.