Google Video in India


Google Video is working in India.

The earlier message "Google Video is unavailable in your country" has been replaced by an equally frustrating message "Buffering…" 😉 I am yet to see any official statement from Google, hope this is permanent and not just a test phase.

Anyways 1st April is coming closer… Traditionally Google has released its products on 1st April (GMail was first thought to be a April Fool joke), I am hoping some other product (CL2 – Google Calendar) gets released this Saturday


5 Responses to “Google Video in India”

  1. raheja Says:

    hey in case u wanna download the file first and watch instead of live streaming from google videos, just click on the Download link in the right frame, it will start downloading google player , cancel that and click on download the video manually. That will save a gvp file on ur computer, open that using wordpad and use the url to download the avi file 😀

  2. smranta Says:

    i am able to see the video [ in the embedded flash player ] and download it using the provided butten as well.

  3. Rakesh Singh Says:

    kool … now there is another place where I can go looking for movies

  4. paresh Says:

    Me 2 waiting eagerly 4 Google Calendar 🙂

  5. Raheja Says:

    ranta i guess on linux it does not download the gvp file and starts downloading the avi file directly, but for windows and mac it gives u a gvp file

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