Bangalore vs Bengaluru


CNN IBN's Mr. Venkatesh gives a biased view on the debate on Kannada vs the rest movement going on in the so called "silicon valley" of India which is considered as a second cosmopolitan city after New Delhi.  

The views seem to be biased. Plus this article is just for the sake of writing one without the true facts. in my opinion the major fight in bangalore is to retain the kannada identity, otherwise it makes no point of throwing black paints on shops without a name in kannada. The government and the people should make things clear before taking any steps or forming opinions. Either make it a cosmopolitan city or be only kannadish.

Even we cant speak native languages in corporate coz you try to communicate in an easily understandable language so that none of your colleagues feel left behind. Just imagine what will happen to Mr. H R Venkatesh if he goes to punjab and his subordinates around him speak in punjabi and address him 'khote da puttar' 😉 You would obviously expect ppl in a software development center in Chandigarh to use english while communicating in the office. Wont you Mr. Venkatesh?

I dont think there will be any issues regarding Hindi vs English .. I am one of the indians who hail from the north of the vindhyas and dont have any problem while communicating in english with all my colleagues and i speak hindi in fair amount while i am with my hindi speaking friends.

Its not a question about any language vs the another its just about speaking your language with the people who understand it. You can very well speak your native toungue if you dont feel embarresed, but the real question is why should one feel embarresed? As Mr. Venkatesh felt a 'slight sense of embarrassment' which resulted in an immediate switch to English. Why?

I dont feel so coz i dont think communicating in hindi in PVR(Hyderabad central) will make me inferior to the ticket counter guy replying back in English, you can find desi people speaking in Hindi/Gujrati/Punjabi even if you go to US/UK  havent you ever been to New york or London or Toronto?

I cant say much about the Tamilian vs Kannadiga issue but we can surely solve some issues very easily if its English vs Kannada or Hindi vs Kannada, but is this what the so called 'tech savvy' Kannadiga people want.

  • 1. Dont invite more BPO's, software giants, multinationals or small startups from US to start their operations in Bangalore and ask the biggies of the ones already in the city to take their centers to more open mided cities.
  • 2. Dont invite more foreign companies and foriegners.
  • 3. Dont let non-kannada people settle in bangalore.
  • 4. Dont sell non-kannada food so that outsiders cant stay in the city for a long.
  • 5. Ban all non-kannada print media
  • 6. Start doing all work in kannada be it the government or the corporates.

This way all the corporates and non-kannada people will be forced to leave the city within months if they dont want to go in loss making all their employees learn kannada and shifting all their infrastucture(software/hardware) to kannada.

But now a very genuine point arises, After all the software/hardware/any corporate companies gone, all the non-kannada speaking junta gone and more than 70% of the business gone, What will all the leftover kannada people do in bengaluru? 

Think …   

And please dont give it a CNN IBN touch, it just spoils the brand name 🙂


27 Responses to “Bangalore vs Bengaluru”

  1. Prasanna Says:

    Team are always multi-cultured and multi-linuguial blah blah…

    Actually there is not point for k’taka to welcome every investor who is not concerned about the city/state. likewise for p’jab or AP or any city/state.

    “globalisation”/”modernization” are not wrong but they are wrongly implemented/ being cultivated.

    you get *.*?

  2. Prasanna Says:

    After all, Bangalore is BengaLuru. LEt’s use the right name!!

  3. stardotstar Says:

    its not just about name. names have been the bearers with every change in the government. Bombay -> Mumbai, Calcutta -> Kolkata, and now recently …
    Connaught Place in New Delhi being renamed to Rajiv Chowk.

    Its just the feeling that pro-kannada people carries. Have we forgotten the non-kannada movies ban? If this ban can go through there can be many in the pipe 🙂

    To retina the culture and our originality we cant make others life miserable. Its only us who can maintain our culture and stick to our roots.

  4. sukhi Says:

    Well, the CNN-IBN blog-post is bang-on. And its actually your views that are biased, at times, and totally written from a viewpoint that
    a) doesnt/cant understand the Kannadiga mindset as of now
    b) still wants to comment on it.

    PS: Tech companies did flock to Bangalore much before there were too many outsiders here. And the outsiders come here cos
    a) there are plenty of opportunities
    b) the city’s tolerant of outsiders (although ppl north of the vindhyas *generally* stretch and stretch it).

  5. giri Says:

    This write-up is totally biased. Bengalooru was developing with IT cos even before ppl above Vindhyas infested here. Reason – they do not get opportunities in their own state. If they do not come to this state do you think that, the development stops? No it will continue but in a planned manner and in a better way without Hindi around. Just because locals are tolerant and patient, do not take advantage of them. In the past, their patience was streatched beyond a point and they taught lesson to those who did that wrong thing. While other cities can be renamed, why not Bengalooru?

  6. Sriranjan Says:

    Dear Friends,
    Just because Bangalore is tolerant to people from outside Karanataka doesn’t mean that they can take ^%$#@ thrown at them We have a sense of pride within ourselves and we cannot let anyone take the pride away from us. Go for it Banagaloru/Bendakalooru.

    !!Jaya He Karnataka Maate!!
    !!Jai Hind !!

  7. Sandeep Says:

    First of all I am from Bangalore (the few who was born and brought up there – Home grown as I would like to say) and I don’t necessarily agree to both of your view point. Venkatesh writes his view point about Bangalore (NOT KARNATAKA) having to go thru a dimensional shift in paradigm and thinking. To have a global image is not easy without sacrifices, at the same time, you cannot have the identity removed. It’s a tight walk..

    The whole “name change” is political. Have you ever been outside Bangalore and in Karnataka? You know how much people (HATE is an exaggerated word, but) DISLIKE Bangaloreans. So this becomes a political tool to get vote bank, is it bad? I donno. How many of us have not rode the wave to get something for ourselves. Is it Good? I donno either. All I know and understand is It will be Bangalore for me and remain to be so that way forever. I donno about you or the rest but it will be Bangalore for me. If a name change can bring a slightest of pride back to Bangaloreans then I am for it. If it is only for a political motive… then I don’t care.

    But Again, I have not much blogged myself, but before you do. I would suggest you get the facts correct (donno how much you actually know) or present what you know correctly. IT IS NOT WE BANGALOREANS WANT THOSE COMPANIES TO GO AWAY. It’s a section of politicians, who wants to ride a wave to come back to main stream politics. I and you and them (politicians) know it very well without being liberalized in whatever we do, we a pretty much another city and never BANGALORE.

    So.. It is correct to Blame me and people like me (Bangaloreans). Will wait for your reply !!!!

    Till then.. Chilll…..

  8. stardotstar Says:

    I agree with you sandeep it is not Bangaloreans who annoyed Mr. Murti about the International Airport issue, it is them who try to get the votes from them who dont get benefitted directly from Bangalore being economically successful. Each and every Bangalorean knows what Mr. Murti did to Bangalore.

    “To have a global image is not easy without sacrifices, at the same time, you cannot have the identity removed. It’s a tight walk..”

    This is the exactly the idea my view is based on. If we want to retain our identity then we should try ourselves. Not only for Bangalore but it applies to whole country which is being getting on to Western lane very rapidly. But because of that you cant stop being practical, it is being the most exciting time for Indian economy and now we can stake the employment, forex, technology exchange or any benefit because of our policies or our Netas. And our responsibilty is to use our head and not support those ideas.

    One should not feel asahmed or embarresed while speaking in kannada in bangalore and same applies to me while speaking hindi. Lets just try to apply whatever the Bangalore netas and think tanks advocate to to retain our identity, to India.

    I blamed the think tanks and the non-kannada biased idea but never blamed the Bangaloreans, i blame them who support the idea of bringing a radical change in the society by kicking out non-kannada people to save the identity. I was in bangalore for quite some time and liked everything about Bangaloreans and the city except for the traffic and the cheat auto wallas.

  9. shashi Says:

    I don’t know why they are carrying out this kind of poll, it is the right of the kannadigas to rename any of the cities, we don’t need permission from any of these people, did anybody raised voice when they changed the name of Madras to chennai.
    At least we have made a beginning to retain our name and culture, let’s move on

  10. Prakash Says:

    If u put a poll like this one asking for peoples opinion.. “How about renaming Brazil to something else”…
    Brazil doesn’t have a meaning in English lets put some meaningful English name..

    Everyone across the world will throw some nonsense comments.. Why we need to ask some one X walking on the street to comment on this…
    Outsiders are here to make money and live happy life which they cant get anywhere else..

    If they are here then it is because of their own sake.. not because they want to improve Bangalore here..
    If today Bangalore people are seeing some different kind of behavior on the streets then it is because of such people influences..

    I welcome change but at the same time we should retain our originality.. just because some British fellow named our city a Bangalore we should not carry the same..

    Wont you think British people will laugh because we could not even find alternative names to our cities..

    Rather than asking people to discuss such things I urge such forums to do some constructive work..
    Show how non kannadiga people are contributing to its rich culture by being one of them..
    And identifying themselves as kannadiga’s..

    Create awareness about our languages. Our culture.. Let us grow with our own culture.. with big tag India is tech Savy..

    Wont u try to speak in Japanese, German, Korean, when u visit their countries..
    What all we try to impress the local people by speaking few words..

    Just because here people accept everything, you cant keep on blowing air into a balloon..
    It will burst at one point of time..

    Wake up guys.. dont live in the myths of westernization.. Let us protect ourselves..
    Kannada, hindi, Kodava, tulu, Telugu.. all we need.. who else will protect them if not we..

    Let us go for it.. down the line 100 years if anybody wants to see what was Bangalore’s original name.. then we people at present will be held responsible for not having an answer..

    Bangalore should be renamed as Bendakalooru..
    Jai Kannada,
    Jai Bharath

  11. Libran Lover Says:

    Mr H R Venkatesh does not mention anywhere that Kannadigas want to talk only in Kannada at the work place. My experience is that, at the work place or elsewhere, Kannadigas are usually courteous enough to talk to outsiders in any language that the outsiders will understand. That is not so with outsiders – whether they are Tamilians or North Indians. These latter people prefer to talk in Tamil or Hindi (respectively), not only in their own states (both in the office and elsewhere), but also in Bangalore.

    It is not necessary for Kannadigas or Bangaloreans to give up their native culture, for Bangalore to improve as a technology powerhouse of the world. It is quite possible for the rich Kannadiga culture and language to flourish side-by-side with the English-dominant technology industry / business in Bangalore.

    Check out the following related blogs to get more insights into the views of Kannadigas and their issues:

    Operation Hijack Bangalore :

  12. Nagaraja Madegowda Says:


    Its is the time to retain our identity, save our culture. we want our city to be renamed as BengaLooru. First of all its is not a matter to take opinion from any one. Its is the wish of all kannadigas. I want Bangalore to br renamed as Bengalooru. No other secondary thoughts in this.

    Nagaraj Madegowda

  13. Guruprasad Says:

    Bengalooru would be the right word. For those people who have come here as migrants, it is very much clear that they don’t have opportunities in their respective states and that is the reason why they are here. If they think they are very much intelligent and their states and people are very much open to become cosmopolitan, let they do it and show us. Let they start employing people from outside, let they start opening up food chains that suit mostly outsiders and let they talk in any of the language other than Hindi and English. For those who claim Hindi as national language, it is not the only one, there are so many other national Languages. Only when it comes to the matter of interacting with the centre or between the states, Hindi/English could be used. But no where in the constitution, it has been mentioned that instead of local languages Hindi should be used. If a person has an attitude that regional languages should not be used, then he is not a true Indian, as he is the cause for killing the local language, local culture and there by killing the Indian culture one by one. When some body goes to Japan / France / Germany, they don’t interact with Hindi / English, it would become mandatory for them to learn their local languages. Why would a Kannadiga use Hindi or english for interacting with other people, when Kannada is a very rich, and old language compared to other two.


  14. pizzalot Says:

    Hey Guruprasad ! Correct your English .. And mind your language .. We are here from North Of Vindhyas not as immigrants .. we are here for the same reason why your politicians come to Delhi .. and why Kannadiga workers go to Mumbai .. to do business. If you doubt our intelligence then ask our employers why they hired us and not you. We can speak real good English! How about ya ? We are not here to stay forever .. Just there is a boom that we noticed in Bangalore and wanted to make use of the oppurtunity. Nothing like taking your land away or something .. But when we are here we will talk and converse in the language that we are comfortable with. If that hurts you, we cannot be blamed .. This is how we will be .. If you want to talk to us talk in Hindi .. We cannot be learning a new language overnight in every city that we go .. Just Hindi. Are you sure you will not be going out of your own state in the current Globalization trend ? And will you not speak Hindi then ? So why dont you practice it just now when you have the time and convienience with us ? Your Kannada is great ..only when you want to make a career in Politics. Not for us. Agreed ?

    • myview Says:


    • myview Says:

      dont speak on behalf of all your kind idiot. look around they are all buying propeties there is no tomorrow. Have some respect for others man. why such disgusting attitude? after all you are living in another Indian state.
      why the arrogance with hindi like you own it.

  15. pizzalot Says:

    What ? Kannada is richer than English and Hindi ? Dummy. The publications in Hindi in the last 10 years alone will total all your 2000 years of publication. And do not even compare English with Kannada. Without English there is no Bengaluru man ! Hindi is a dialect of Sanskrit. Without Sanskrit there is no Kannada. Your poets come to Delhi with their poems which are all Sanskrit by ideas and words. That is why we give you the awards and be happy about it. After all, We are ruling you, mind it.

  16. abbas azlam Says:

    if some one speaks in kannada, it seems dog barking.
    if some one speak in hindi,it seems some one singing.

  17. Kannadiga Says:

    Hey,Pizzalot &abbas,be sensible in writing,
    Be a Roman while in Rome.U have come to bangalore for making living,try to respect local culture and local launguage.If u can manage without kannada nobody is forcing u to learn.We don,t have any anymity with Hindi but in bangalore for a kannadiga it is not necessary to know hindi.People who migrates to places other than their own state needs Hindi.U people will accept english with so much pride,why can’t u respect Kannada ,an indian launguage,that too a local launguage of bengaluru.

    For your information India is made of so many launguages and cultures and it is not made of only Hindi speaking people..If u r true indian u have to accept this.When u people will go to other countries u will leave everything ,your culture ,launguage etc. Don’t try to dominate fellow indians.Be loyal to the country and the place which gives u food and shelter.

    If u know good English u can be only a ‘coolie to US companies.Without English also u can acheive many things.

  18. Kannadiga Says:

    Mr. pizza,First try to save Indian culture from your Hindi Movies influence.Then talk about ruling and all.U people r more westernised than south people.We South people ,if we go to other countries also we retain our culture and tradiitons. But u people r damaging the whole indian culture in india itself.Your ladies will not put bindhis or sindoor on their fore head,they r ashamed of wearing sarees.they r colouring their hairs in odd manner.Did u saw north girls in bengaluru how they dressed up,how they behave with boys?Is this Indian culture.

    And for ur infn, In international film festival -2007 which was held in Singapore, only 2 films got entry from India,those both were from ‘KANNADA’ by famous director Girish Kasaravalli.(Nayi Neralu &Hasina)It was appreciated by other Indians as well as foreigners.

    U will accept English as great launguage because your forefathers might have been slaves of British.But we won’t.We will learn english just for necessity.In France and china there is no English still china is fast developng country in the world.First try to understand the world ,then come to debate.Don’t be frog in the well.In India Hindi is spoken by only 4 states and not by entire India.If u have courage go to Tamil Nadu and talk like this.

  19. indian Says:

    “Hindi is a dialect of Sanskrit.”? Bullshit. Hindi is a bastard coming out of Urdu. Hindi is not even an Indian langage. These fools above Vindhyas keep talking in that filthy language without realizing that it is a non-Indian language. I pity these fools!
    Hindi should be banned in India.India will prosper only when Hindi is officially & practically banned.

  20. ramanna Says:

    I have never come across more hostile people than people of karnataka especially bangalore. As a occasional visitor to the city i was shocked by the arrogance of not just auto driver (which is similar to many other cities), but of the common man on the street (which is what was strange).

  21. AtoZ market Says:

    Online Bus Ticket booking. Bangalore is a major economic and cultural hub and the fastest growing major metropolis in India. Bangalore is known as the Silicon Valley of India because of its position as the nation’s leading IT exporter.

  22. myview Says:

    i am not likinf the way people are flocking in to Bangalore from other places. More so because they speak so rude about us and I had one person saying why dont i leave bangalore

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