google blog hacked


an intresting read on a blog about a blog being hacked, that too of a company which added fire to the blogging revolution. The google blog. 

yes its hacked and that too by a school-going-kid (purporting to be Trey Philips) 🙂

kunal shares a screenshot of his reader and here is a pic of the main-blog-page and its fun to read the conversation with the hacker.

A lot more can be found out on digg or take an official view from


looks like google deleted their own blog and someone claimed it before they could. Much more like what tarun is trying to do with his account 🙂 but clever wordpress team blocks registering the deleted account for quite some time.


3 Responses to “google blog hacked”

  1. Vardhman Says:

    And the hacker published his hacking method on the site. “As soon as I saw googleblog giving 404, I took over the googleblog blog address,” Nice Hacking dude!!!

  2. stardotstar Says:

    Atleast the dude has some presence of mind 🙂

  3. DesiPundit » Google Blog hacked? Says:

    […] The latest story going around the blogosphere is that The Google Blog was hacked. Unfortunately, according to official sources from Google, they accidentally deleted their blog (someone sure got fired today) and a teenager from Austin, TX claimed the URL immediately albeit with no harmful intent […]

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