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DNS blues

March 31, 2006

Ever purchased a domain name and screwed hours trying to set it up with your hosting server? Whats the best way to check if you are on windows?

try Nslookup to query your DNS server and lookup for an entry you are trying to set. Kloth provides such a service using a web interface but that only reflects entries from his DNS server. If you need results from your immediate DNS server then try running nslookup from your command prompt, an online tutorial for nslookup commands is available here.


What makes it the car of the year?

March 29, 2006

began production at Four Suzuki factories – in Hungary, Japan, India, and China. They have already produced some 210,000 units until the end of 2005.

First premiered at the Paris Motor Show in October 2004 and then at the 75th Geneva International Motor Show in March 2005.

Launched in India in May 2005 and is ready to make a debut in America as early as 2007.

Got a safety rating of 4/5 by Euro Ncap and was considered very safe for adult occupants considering the fact that even Scoda Octavia is rated at 4/5 and recently launched Chevy's AVEO just rates 1.5/5.

Announces to start production of Diesel engine (4-cylinder 1.3L diesel engines with Common Rail Injection System) in India with the collaboration of Fiat Auto (Italy) by the end of 2006.

World car of the year finalist, winner will all be announced at the New York International Auto Show on Thursday, April 13, 2006.

Is awarded RJC2006 car of the year hosted by the Automotive Researchers' & Journalists' Conference of Japan (RJC). For Suzuki, this is the second win of this prize following on Wagon R (1993). It has been also awarded the Car of the Year 2006 in Iceland on 23rd October 2005, which proved the global acceptance of this model. complete list of the awards…

Check out more on globalsuzuki rated as the 3rd best automobile website.

Any guesses???

Yeah, its our lovely and Sexy Swift which is ready to rock India again with its new variant Swift Sport (which will come with a 1.6 lts engine and a power output of 125 bhp) and Swift 1.3 D (diesel) by early 2006.

lets look at the success story (.asx video file)

p.s – a swift theme for pocket pc users 😉

Google Video in India

March 29, 2006

Google Video is working in India.

The earlier message "Google Video is unavailable in your country" has been replaced by an equally frustrating message "Buffering…" 😉 I am yet to see any official statement from Google, hope this is permanent and not just a test phase.

Anyways 1st April is coming closer… Traditionally Google has released its products on 1st April (GMail was first thought to be a April Fool joke), I am hoping some other product (CL2 – Google Calendar) gets released this Saturday

treo killer

March 29, 2006


coming soon

Seems closer…

March 29, 2006

Seems an answer to the energy dilemma might be closer if the business instincts of biggies like Vinod Khosla, Richard Branson and Bill Gates are to be believed!